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Privacy is a human right anon, everybody knows it. $ANON aims to provide a fast, secure and efficient multichain bridge combined with the privacy that we so much value. We're aiming to be the go-to place for privacy and bridging. The utility is ready and will be live before the launch.

What is Anon Bot?

Anon Bot aims to be the safest and most anonymous multichain bridge. We are aiming to be the go-to place for privacy and bridging.

Privacy First Approach
Anon Bot is dedicated to upholding your right to privacy. Our goal is to provide a secure digital space where your financial transactions are confidential and your personal data is protected.
Seamless Multichain Bridging
We're breaking down barriers in the blockchain world with our innovative multichain bridge technology. Experience fast and secure transactions across different blockchain networks like never before.
Committed to Compliance
At Anon Bot, we prioritize transparency and responsible practices. Our compliance-driven approach ensures that your transactions are secure and legal, without compromising your privacy.

Why choose Anon Bot

Total Privacy Assurance
Your privacy is paramount. Anon Bot employs state-of-the-art security measures to protect your financial transactions.
Effortless Multichain Transactions
Say goodbye to blockchain barriers. Our multichain bridge guarantees fast and secure transactions across blockchain networks.
Simplified Compliance
Experience hassle-free compliance with Anon Bot. Our user-friendly platform adheres to regulations
Trust and Transparency
Trust is built on transparency. Anon Bot prioritizes user trust through ethical practices, transparency.

Revenue share

Our platform will feature a small tax applied to every transaction. We are using this tax as revenue share for the holders! With reward, buyback and burning tokens we are making $ANON not only a good passive income but making $ANON a decreasing supply token!

50% to holders
50% of out tax will be used to give back to the holders of $ANON.
50% burned
the other 50% of the tax will be used to buyback $ANON and burn the tokens.


Anon Bot
Token Name
Token Symbol
1 Million
Total Supply
Contract Address


Introducing BRIDGE: The Multichain Bridge for Tomorrow

With our BRIDGE you can easily bridge funds from one chain to another. We are expanding our platform to be the go-to place for privacy and bridging. $ANON does not utilize tornado therefore not breaking any US regulations. Our team is constantly at work and will be adding Base and Shibarium as options!


Phase 1

Release website

Launch $ANON on Uniswap

Lock liquidity

Renounce ownership

Dextools socials update

ETH trending

Release our DAPP

Marketing Phase 1

Phase 2

Reach 1.000 $ANON holders

CMC listing

CG listing

Release second utility

Release weekly revenue share reports

Marketing Phase 2

Phase 3

Reach 5.000 $ANON holders

First CEX listing

Release third utility

Release DAPP V2

Release website V2

Release roadmap v2

Marketing Phase 3


Frequently Questions

Anon Bot is a cryptocurrency that places privacy at the forefront of its ecosystem. Our core mission is to provide a secure and private digital space where users can conduct transactions and manage their digital assets without compromising their personal data.
Anon Bot employs advanced encryption and security protocols to safeguard users’ financial transactions and personal information. This ensures that all interactions within our ecosystem remain confidential and protected from unauthorized access.
Our multichain bridge technology enables seamless and secure transactions across different blockchain networks. This innovation eliminates the limitations of isolated blockchains, allowing users to move their assets effortlessly across various chains.
Yes, Anon Bot is committed to compliance with legal regulations. We adhere to a responsible approach that ensures the legality of our platform and transactions, offering users peace of mind while engaging with our ecosystem.
Anon Bot distinguishes itself through its unwavering commitment to privacy, innovative multichain bridge technology, and compliance-driven approach. We prioritize your data security, offer seamless multichain transactions, and ensure that our platform adheres to regulations, providing a comprehensive and trustworthy cryptocurrency experience.

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